Hi Everyone! Hope you have all been keeping well and are getting excited coming up to the Christmas period! For some of you, that may sound awful; the thought of spend, spend, spend and wrapping paper ever but never fear! Many chemists and drugstores have already began their Christmas gift set orders which usually are meant for other people but when beauty products are included, I can't help but sometimes present myself with a gift (or gift-set). So this week I decided to treat myself to some Real Technqiues brushes by Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo and I must say I am really impressed by them. I am always on the look out for a strong stable brush to apply my makeup with to ensure it stays on and these have delivered 100%.

The kit I purchased is the collectors edition deluxe gift set which I think is on offer at the minute in Gordon's chemist for the Christmas period at around £20 which is a bargain. This set comes with 5 brushes and a handy carrier clutch to keep your brushes clean and tidy! From the above picture L-R there are 5 high definition result brushes. The first one is a multi task brush for effortless application of powder, blush and bronzer. The second across is the tapered foundation brush which features a dense, rounded head for a perfect complexion. This brush is exclusive to this set and I must say I am really impressed by the coverage I have been able to achieve using this brush which you will see in my next video
The third brush across is also exclusive to this collection and is the angled highlighter brush which adds glow to cheeks and is also useful for contouring your nose. I must say, I haven't yet used this properly as I use benefits high beam highlighter which as you may know comes with a brush included in a nail polish style bottle, but from what I have tried, like the others it has certainly not disappointed!
The fourth brush across is a simple base shadow brush that applied a smooth, flawless foundation of colour. This brush is very stable and structured which I enjoy in a brush as it lifts more product and helps your eye-shadow to appear more pigmented! 10/10 from me! The fifth and final brush across is the fine liner brush which is for precise application of liquid or cream eyeliner. Personally, I have been using this along with Rimmel  London's gel liner and the strength definitely assists the precision of your liner and wing which I think is rare for such a fine eyeliner brush.

Overall, I am really impressed with this brushes, and I will definitely be building up my collection as the quality of them are second to none. These brushes are worth the investment and I would recommend them to any girl or maybe guy who is looking to update their collection! The clutch is also very useful on the go! If anyone knows of any similar quality brushes to Real Techniques please let me in the comments below! Love Real Techniques and love you all! Thanks for reading! (P.S Black Friday is coming up soon, are you as excited as I am!?)
Daily Dee xo

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  1. Great post! I am also on the hunt for new brushes and actually came across this brand. But I am looking for a set that includes a flat top brush so my search continues.

    - Sherrell

  2. I am looking for new brushes. I am in between set or just buying them separately. What do you think? Connect with me:

  3. Iga I would definitely buy the set if your going for Real Techniques :) You will save money! Love your blog btw! xx

  4. This looks like such a gorgeous set. Love the look of the multi purpose brush! Looks so good :)

    Hana | ♥


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