November has arrived and you know what that means... the beginning of the glitz, the glam and the festivity! I personally love the party season as I'm just that type of girl, but the style that comes with it excites me to say the least. I adore all things sequined, monochrome, LBD's and just darker fashion in general as I feel it suits me better than the S/S collections. For this editorial, I have put together three outfits that I would wear on a night out at this time of year, hope you enjoy them! 

So you may have seen this outfit in my last style editorial 'Autumnal Vibes' which you can find here. I feel that this River Island dress works for both a daytime and an evening outfit. This dress is simply a white and navy patterned dress. It is both fitted but offers some stretch as it is majorly cotton but is also slightly elastane. It has a minimal roll neck and I feel is best paired with black heels for a night-time look. I am in love with this dress!

This next outfit consists of only three pieces due to the detail in the dress. You may have seen this dress in my USA haul as it is from Wet Seal which is an amazingly inexpensive store in the US! Although I mentioned that this dress does crease easily it is really beautiful on. It's sort of a burgundy colour and has a halter style design around the neck. Then, as you can see there is a slit in the side making it a little risque, and then the back comes down just an inch or two further than the front of the dress. As you can see I paired this with chunky heels and a gold necklace that I picked up from Primark! If you'd like to see what else I picked up there this season, check out my haul  where I have compared some pieces I picked up in the US Primark and the Primark stores around me!

 Last but not least is this sequined dress from Primark! This style of this dress is an essential to me this season as I think it is stereotypical of this party-season trend. During this shoot, I felt like I was doing an ad for West Coast Cooler with the girls night out theme and the hair flicking (100's of times to get the perfect shot!). This dress is a string vest with a sequined pattern and the front and a plain black with a caged upper (pictured below). Again I paired this outfit with the chunky boots and gold necklace from Primark. These accessories are staples of mine this A/W as they go with almost everything! To tone it down a bit, some may wish to opt for a more simple black heel or something a bit more dainty.

 I hope you have all enjoyed this post! I know I did shooting it! Which outfit was your favourite? 1, 2 or 3? Let me know in the comments below! Id love to hear from you! Hope everyone is keeping well! All the very breast...
Daily Dee xo

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  1. I think you look really lovely wearing all of them and i like the sequined dress :)

    Karen Shannon @ http://officiallookbookstore.blogspot.com


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