The Two-Way Handbag


Hi everyone! Happy November :D So I know its been about a week since my last blog post so I decided to delve in further to the trend I have been loving at the minute that some of you may have seen on my Facebook page Daily Dee; that is the two-way bag! I first spotted this trend when introduced to River Islands collection which you can shop by clicking the link! These tote bags all carry a leather look trend with contrast panels and the option of both the short double handbag strap or the long singular shoulder strap. The two bellow are my personal favourites;

As you can see, from the front they look like a typical stylish tote bag, but when you turn them round they offer you a completely different style, colour placement and in some cases a completely new pattern! For £45, I think these bags are definitely worth investing in if you are someone who loves a bit of versatility in your wardrobe; its basically two bags for the price of one. Additionally the quality of River Island bags never fail and their durability will push through the tough A/W weather. River Island also have purses to match each of their bags which should pop up in the 'wear with' section of their website. If you want something a little more chic and subtle check out the two below also:

This is smart fashion!
Daily Dee xo

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